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DON’T MENTION THE HOOKERS OR THE COCAINE!!!! Cleansing the TV3 News (Mar. 26, 2013)

Cleansing the TV3 News

TV3 Firstline, Tuesday 26 March 2013
7:00 a.m. News….
RACHEL SMALLEY:Prince Harry will travel to the United States to help promote rehabilitation for American and British troops. [significant pause] Just last year, on a private visit to Las Vegas, the Prince triggered headlines around the world when he was photographed NAKED in his hotel room. [meaningful silence of several seconds.]
Was it simply that Prince Harry was “photographed naked in his hotel room” that “triggered headlines around the world”? Surely there was more to it than that?
I seem to recall that there were several other people naked in the room with him. I think most of those naked people were prostitutes. Surely that was significant? Why did Rachel Smalley not mention that? Obviously she wanted to say more, but someone higher up than her would not allow it.
Why would they want to protect the reputation of the “Big H” like this?
  • chris73 acualy is Dolan14.1
    Prince Harrys great
    Fights battles, parties with chicks…like the english kings of old! Rule Britannia!
    • Morrissey14.1.1
      He doesn’t fight battles, moron. He drops bombs on civilians from a position of perfect safety.
      • chris73 acualy is Dolan14.1.1.1
        Kind of a thing I’d expect a discksmack like you to say. Go away, read up on warfare and come back when you have something to say that doesn’t sound like it comes straight from 4th form social studies.
      • Populuxe114.1.1.2
        Your evidence that these women were sex workers? Your rush to demean them as human beings speaks volumes about your misogyny, Morrissey. And in any case, who cares if he has a good time? I certainly don’t. As for your assertion that he is “perfectly safe” – bollocks, he’s prize target number for one for any Talibani and Al Qaeda insurget with a rocket launcher because of his Royal status.
        • fender14.
          And yet he still made it out unscathed to have a Charlie Sheen celebration, guess its just ‘near perfect safety’ then, considering he was the prize target but the bleeding nose was just from self inflicted snorting exercises.
          • Populuxe114.
            Having been out on the town with some of our boys posted to Afganistan (sans Bolivian booger sugar or ladies of negotiable virtue) – given the shit they see and the risks they are exposed to, I would indulge in some generous hedonism in my downtime too. It’s all very well to sneer and pass judgment if you’ve never actually been in that situation.
            • felix
              It was a suite in a ritzy hotel in Vegas, not a tent on a base in Kabul.
              Drop the “war-hero r&r” bullshit.
              • chris73 acualy is Dolan
                Something about walking a mile in their shoes springs to mind
                • fender
                  Something about running 10 miles without shoes while evading helicopters overhead springs to mind.
                  • chris73 acualy is Dolan
                    Not to sound cold hearted but so what. You think civilian casualties have only ever happened in this war?
                    Maybe you think Afghanistan should be left to its own devices? Yeah you probably do.
                  • vto
                    Well, we leave the USA to its own devices and look at the shit they pull.
                    Can’t be any worse than leaving the Afghanis alone.
                  • felix
                    “You think civilian casualties have only ever happened in this war?”
                    Damnm you’re right. Here we are, fully supporting the killing of civilians in almost every instance, and only when it’s a prince doing it we get all upset about it.
                    Totally got me there dude.
                  • fender
                    Still sounds cold hearted no matter how much you fart over it.
                    Just like Iraq, Afghanistan will soon be left to it’s ‘own devices’.
                  • Populuxe1
                    Given chris73 acualy is Dolan has said elsewhere he was in Timor, assuming of course that’s true, he would definitely know more about it than you. I only know from the changes I’ve seen in friends and family who have seved in Kuwait, the Balkans, and Afganistan.
                  • felix
                    You’re so lost, Pop.
                    What exactly would Dolan know about hookers and coke from visiting Timor?
                  • Populuxe1
                    Easy left-wing pseudo-intellectual tactic two, blame or otherwise disrespect the military and/or police.
                  • felix
                    Where I do that, Pop? Be specific.
                  • Colonial Viper
                    Talk about “pseudo-intellectual”.
              • Populuxe1
                Pretty sure I wasn’t in a tent in Kabul either.
                • felix
                  So what? What the fuck has that got to do with you trying to paint Harry as some war-weary victim in desperate need of hedonism?
                  Fuck off with your meaningless irrelevant anecdote.
            • fender
              And yet others get a date with the Judge for drug use.
              Harry wouldn’t have faced the same dangers ‘our boys’ were exposed to.
              • Populuxe1
                (1) you have no evidence for cocaine.
                (2) the drugs are entirely a side issue as I would think most of us would favour decriminalisation of many anyway.
                (3) You have absolutely no knowkedge of how or where Harry was deployed, nor do you seem to have any understanding of military culture.
                • fender
                  With you being privy to information about Harrys deployment why don’t you share these facts?
                  Harry is no Willie Apiata, and I’m sure the Palace INSISTED he return unharmed.
                  • Populuxe1
                    They don’t NEED him, he’s a SPARE. They need him even less now that Kate is up the duff. I know about as much about his deployment as you do, but unless he was tucked away in Kabul in the embassy bunker, nowhere in Afganistan is entirely safe. You’re sure about a lot of stuff you can’t possibly know because it suits your confirmation bias.
                    The military wouldn’t have given Harry special treatment in the field anyway – it would be bad for morale, military culture doesn’t operate that way, the Royals generally speaking don’t work like that, (especially after the flak from Harry being prevented from going to Iraq)and it would be completely contrary to established precedent – Prince Andrew as a pilot in the Falklands for example, the Queen driving at the age of 19 while serving with the Auxiliary Territorial Service during WW2.
                  • fender
                    So that will explain why there is now no security for Harry /sarc, he’s ‘spare’ and ‘unneeded’, that’s ridiculously funny.
                  • Murray Olsen
                    Half of these people probably believe the Palace killed Diana, so they’re unlikely to accept that the Palace would insist on Harry’s safety.
                  • Colonial Viper
                    Harry is no Willie Apiata, and I’m sure the Palace INSISTED he return unharmed.
                    The Royals are damn serious about their military service. Are additional precautions taken? No doubt. But Royals in the service have been under enemy fire, exposed to IEDs, survived hostile missile attack, carried out out routine patrols and combat SARs. They get on with serving Queen and Country.
                    Is it an excuse for anything else? Who knows, but they’ll surely have days where they want to simply let off steam with the rest of the lads.
        • Morrissey14.
          Your evidence that these women were sex workers?
          Let’s see… a Las Vegas hotel room, a room full of naked young women cavorting with Dionysian abandon, naked young men cavorting in like manner, enough alcohol to keep Brendan Horan going for a month, bowls full of cocaine, and most importantly (this one is the clincher) the august presence of one Prince Harry.
          One need not be a Leonhard Euler to do the math….
          • Populuxe114.
            So you don’t think liberated young American women might me intrigued enough by the glamour of royalty to engage of their own free will, in Vegas? They have to be sex workers (or whores and hookers as you insist on denegrating them)? And even if they were, so long as they’re not being coerced against their will, who actually gives a flying fuck?
            • Morrissey
              They have to be sex workers (or whores and hookers as you insist on denegrating them)?
              Ha! This is kinda funny! An exacting lesson in sensitive terminology from someone who has just spent several hours advocating for and defending the reputations of people who drop bombs on civilians.
              You have defended, indeed championed the “right” of creeps like Big H and his bomber pals to use those women as they see fit, and you have the nerve to upbraid me for not using your P.C. terminology to refer to the women. (Or were they girls? Or is that another word that transgresses against your byzantine code of appropriate terminology?)
              And even if they were, so long as they’re not being coerced against their will, who actually gives a flying fuck?
              Suddenly the sensitivity vanishes! The show of concern for these young women—we have to watch the very words used to refer to them—is abandoned.
              “Who actually gives a flying fuck?” Well, the “Big H” obviously does not, and neither do you. That’s useful for the rest of us to know.
              • felix
                Pop makes a fair point though: Who does actually give a fuck that Harry likes to party?
                Pop is an offensive tool when he suggests that Harry parties because he’s a war hero with PTSD, but that aside, what’s the problem?
                • Morrissey
                  I too have no problem with Prince Harry partying, but unlike our good friend “Pop”, I object to his participation in the destruction of Afghanistan, and the way he is lionized by the establishment media for this.
                  I also object to the sanctimonious lecture about terminology from someone who “doesn’t give a fuck” about what brutes like the “Big H” do to these young women.
      • dumrse14.1.1.3
        Drops bombs ? I’m not too sure bombs are included in the weapon systems of his machine.
        • Morrissey14.
          Yes I think you’re correct, my friend. There was an recently a barrage of adulatory articles about “Big H” after he had scored his first kill in Afghanistan. He did kill someone, but not with a bomb.
          I haven’t got the stomach to crawl into the archives to look it up right now.
  • prism14.2
    And what about the invasion of privacy of Prince Harry and his companions. I bet that wasn’t mentioned on the news item. Did those at the party take the photos themselves? And were they naked actually? That word seems to be used carelessly to spice up items about people who are actually down to their undies. If they are caught with their undies down on photo what a bunch of exhibitionists and voyeurs we are to want to see this stuff.
    • kiwi_prometheus14.2.1
      So we are suppose to go along with the Palace pr machine of squeaky clean royals, their ‘good works’ and fairytale weddings?
      Give us the dirt!
      [lprent: see my note. ]
    • Morrissey14.2.2
      Did those at the party take the photos themselves?
      They were taken by one of Big H’s “mates”. I think it was one of those heroes who bombs Afghan peasants when he’s not chasing whores in Vegas.
      And were they naked actually?
      I think so. Hookers generally are at orgies, I believe.
      • Populuxe114.2.2.1
        Maybe you should try it – it might loosten up the stick in your arse.
        • McFlock14.
        • Rogue Trooper14.
          that is funny Pop (reminds me of a scene from the written version of King’s The Stand, which in turn reminds me of the NZ Right Wing Resistance on Seven Sharp last night; some very sad individuals huddling together there in there pseudo-Waffen SS uniforms; some of them looked like THEY should get out of the gene pool; which reminds me, if the Joker is a pseudo-intellectual, as you claim, does that make you a pseudo-arch-critic? 😉
          • Populuxe114.
            The Standard has policies about posters making guesses about the identities of other posters – even with little winking smileys. And I wouldn’t piss on a National Front member if they were on fire.

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