Friday, 10 April 2020

weka bans me yet again, this time for critiquing Kim Hill (Apr. 11, 2020)

Kim Hill slurred James K. Baxter at the end of her program today                              RNZ National, Saturday 11 April 2020, 11:59 a.m.
Kim Hill can be excellent. One of the highlights of recent New Zealand broadcasting history is her 2004 confrontation with an unspeakably vile shill for the destruction of Iraq.[1] However, she has also proved to be alarmingly susceptible to sleazy propagandists. In 2013 she listened without demur to Alex Gibney pouring filth on the reputation of Julian Assange. [2] Along with the likes of John Campbell, Jesse Mulligan and Bernard Hickey, she has been one of this country's leading conduits of the Russiagate nonsense, repeatedly (and respectfully) interviewing the discredited Grauniad hack Luke Harding, even after the exposure of his lie about Paul Manafort having secret talks with Julian Assange. [3] She is, for all her talent, likely to at any time recycle the most egregious neocon talking points. [4]
This susceptibility to orthodox narratives, otherwise known as "groupthink", reared its head again this morning right at the end of her brief talk about poetry with Greg O'Brien. She mentioned Allen Curnow and James K. Baxter, and then added that they were "not noted for their enlightened attitudes to women." The program had finished, so Greg O'Brien had no time to respond to this absurd and unfair provocation. 
So James K. Baxter is now a target of vilification from RNZ National's woke gliberati, along with certain American pop singers. [5] Kim Hill has a reputation, not entirely deserved, of being a voracious reader. It seems that she has not read much, or any, of James K. Baxter's beautiful, humane and compassionate poetry.

    • observer12.1
      "It seems that she has not read much, or any, of James K. Baxter's beautiful, humane and compassionate poetry."
      1) And how would you possibly know that? Or what other books Kim Hill reads.
      2) History is full of great poets, artists and people of genius whose private lives were less than exemplary. The quality of art is not measured by the character of the artist.
      That is a strange comment.
      • Morrissey12.1.1
        And how would you possibly know that?
        By her breathtakingly wrong and ignorant comment about James K. Baxter..
        Or what other books Kim Hill reads.
        She reads a lot, but not with a great deal of discrimination, going by her championing of such scurrilous, dishonest and foolish writers as Luke Harding, Jonathan Freedland and Simon Schama.
        History is full of great poets, artists and people of genius whose private lives were less than exemplary.
        What evidence do you have that Baxter's private life was like that? Certainly Kim Hill does not have any.
    • Gabby12.2
      Bad news for you Morry, Crumpie was a thug of the first order.
      • Morrissey12.2.1
        There is plenty of evidence that Crump was. There is evidence that Baxter spoke in a boastful macho manner in his letters, but that's merely a thought crime.

      • RedLogix12.2.2
        Crumpie was a complex character; yes he had a thuggish aspect to him, but to reduce him to just that is a lazy, dishonest gambit. 
        • Morrissey12.2.2.1
          There's evidence against Crump; there's none against Baxter. Unless one adopts the Stalinist idea of holding people's most private and ridiculous fantasies and their foolish private letters against them and constituting them as actual crimes.
        • Gabby12.2.2.2
          To imply someone is lazy and dishonest is fuckwitted and shitstained trollery, but you'd have learned that in your years in Russia no doubt.
    • weka12.3
      Baxter was a rapist. Which Hill would know. Her statement "not noted for their enlightened attitudes to women" in regards to Baxter is sound.
      It's a source of grief to the people who adore Baxter's poetry.
      • Morrissey12.3.1
        No surprise to see you construe some crude and insensitive written words into an actual crime.
        [off you go, 3 day ban. I have zero interest in another round of bullshit from you Morrissey, over what constitutes evidence in political debate. I’m also not going to let someone run rape apology lines at this time. My suggestion when you get back is to address the points and make political arguments, work within the culture of TS around claims and back up, and don’t do all the slurs, because I am over it – weka]
  1. adam13
    In the meantime, the economy keeps going to hell in a handbasket and no one is pointing finger to the corporations who have proven to be bloody useless. 
    Stock buybacks, gotta love how capitalism eats itself. 
  2. joe9014
      An iron law of conservatism; you only give a rats when you and yours' are affected. Pricks. 

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