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Breen denounced for "McCarthyism" (Jul. 14, 2019)

  1. Yenta Hodge's daughter is Deputy Editor for BBC News at Six and News at Ten: the British State Propaganda organ is blatantly biased to the extreme right.
    Thought I would put up a link to some who feature in the BBC Who's Who. 
    1.) Amol Rajan is the voluble BBC Media Editor, always appearing and giving his take on events. He was one time editor of Levedev's Independent and was at the FCO early on for a year. 
    2.) James Harding was the Head of News. He arrived at the BBC along with James Purnell, one time chair of LFoI and ex Labour MP, and Ceri Thomas. 
    Apologists for Israel take top posts at BBC 
    23 April 2013 
    3) Tony Hall was a successor to Mark Thompson, the Director General who presided over the Savile evil. Thompson is married to Jane Blumberg, daughter of a US physicist. Thompson visited Sharon in Israel in 2005 to reassure him that BBC reports on Israel were fair! It was originally said he was accompanied by his wife but the BBC would not confirm that. 
    4.) Under Thompson's watch, the DEC appeal for Gaza after the Cast Lead slaughter was not aired by the BBC. Caroline Thomson, no longer at the BBC, was his sidekick who also took a decision not to broadcast Caryl Churchill's Seven Jewish Children, a radio play.  Thompson is now CEO at the New York Times. At the BBC in 2010 he was being paid just under £1million. 
    5.) Ms Thomson is now the chair of OXFAM. (YCNMIU
    6.) Harding left the BBC and set up his own media outfit called Turquoise. 
    7.) James Purnell is still at the BBC as Head of Radio, Head of Strategy and Digital. Before, he had worked privately for Blair, was a SPAD at No 10 and was given two jobs (DCMS and Pensions) by Brown. 
    8.) Lastly, Lizzi Watson, Margaret Hodge's daughter from her first marriage, is currently the Deputy Editor for BBC News at Six and News at Ten, i.e. the country's main news provider. As you know, Hodge (MP Lab Barking) has been instigating the anti-Semitism smears against Jeremy Corbyn. 
    Does the anti-Corbyn bias that we see and hear get passed down the line? 
    9.) All in all, 'Bought by and Sold to Israel' and Paid For by the licence fee payers. Just some of the stuff that is in the public domain. There is probably much more that we will never know about. 
    Orig. posted by Mary at The Lifeboat News….
    • greywarshark9.1
      This is good backgrounding Morrissey thanks for links.
    • Ad9.2
      Joseph McCarthy tried the same trick you're trying. Just read out the names and make them sound as Jewish as possible. Generally the media can just let such vile fools hang themselves; the bias is with those who are hunting people down.
      Here's how the real pro's did what you are trying:
      You can do similar slurs with those 30 Jewy-sounding names who are testifying on the issue within Labour UK to the Equality and Human Right Commission.
      Failing that, you could stop the slurs and listen to the evidence they have to say about anti-semitism within the Labour Party instead of attacking the messengers.
      Corbyn has been as weak and pushed around by activists on the anti-semitic issues within his party as has has been on Brexit. This is not surprising from a person who has actually never before stood successfully for any legislation in Parliament, proved totally unwhippable, or led anything in his life.
      To catch you up, the EHRC launched a formal investigation into whether Labour “unlawfully discriminated against, harassed or victimised people” from the Jewish community in May, saying it had received a number of complaints about Labour’s handling of allegations. It's not the BBC doing this. 
      Not even sunlight can disinfect Labour UK from the damage that Corbyn has now done.
      • Morrissey9.2.1
        Your ignorance is astounding, as are your cynicism and dishonesty. I pay no attention to what you say.
        • Ad9.2.1.1
          That is because you are a bigot who is afraid to hear the truth of submissions in a public hearing on the matter.
          Your McCarthyism won't work. 
          • Morrissey9.
            Nope, you ain't got it. Sorry.
            • Ad9.
              I just knew you couldn't help yourself. 
              People like you never take any kind of criticism because their righteousness drives and blinds them. 
              You seek bias in every person in the media, and you'll find it because that perfect place your righteousness drives you towards does not even exist in your mind, so it’s invented as a future no-place. U-topia.
              Try another comment. You know you want to. 
              • Poission
                Human nature stands in the way of social engineers (see Pinker the bland slate)
                Societies grow into systems. The systems require management and are therefore increasingly wielded, like a tool or a weapon, by those who have power. The rest of the population is still needed to do specific things. But the citizens are not needed to contribute to the form or direction of the society. The more "advanced" the civilization, the more irrelevant the citizen becomes.
                Voltaire's Bastards (1992)
                • Ad
                  There are better descriptions of human agency around.
                  JR Saul's version stands as pretty pre-internet and pre-social media. 
                  If you can get hold of it, he does a really good one comparing the development of Canada and the United States as societies and as geographies: Confessions of a Siamese Twin. 
                  It's a pretty good analogue for the New Zaland – Australia relationship.
                  • Poission
                    we have seen the effects of networked systems and the outcome of catastrophic collapse eg Haldane and May.
                    In the run-up to the recent financial crisis, an increasingly elaborate set of financial instruments emerged, intended to optimize returns to individual institutions with seemingly minimal risk. Essentially no attention was given to their possible effects on the stability of the system as a whole. Drawing analogies with the dynamics of ecological food webs and with networks within which infectious diseases spread, we explore the interplay between complexity and stability in deliberately simplified models of financial networks. We suggest some policy lessons that can be drawn from such models, with the explicit aim of minimizing systemic risk.
                    Sauls outcomes for a corporate coup d'etat held up well.

                    • Ad
                      Sorry the link doesn't work for me. 
                      Could you explain the reference to Haldane and May. 
                    • Poission
                      a lack of diversity in risk models as networking increased or to put it another way a sterility of thinking. as HM suggest.
                      The analytic model outlined earlier demonstrates that the topology ofthe financial sector’s balance sheet has fundamental implications for thestate and dynamics of systemic risk. From a public policy perspective,two topological features are key15.First, diversity across the financial system. In the run-up to the crisis,and in the pursuit of diversification, banks’ balance sheets and risk management systems became increasingly homogenous. For example,banks became increasingly reliant on wholesale funding on the liabilities side of the balance sheet; in structured credit on the assets side of thei rbalance s eet; and managed the resulting risks using the same value -at-  risk models. This desire for diversification was individually rational from a risk perspective. But it came at the expense of lower diversity across the system as whole, thereby increasing systemic risk. Homogeneity bred fragility
                      Similarly if a profession's textbooks (widely cited by social engineers) were wrong in their assumptions on statistical testing,would you not feel a little uncomfortable or indeed cynical.

              • Morrissey
                Criticism? All you offer is rancid abuse. If it were witty, or clever, that might be a mitigating factor. 
                • Ad
                  Now you can look back on all your comments in 9, and feel what you've tried to do to others. 
                  Funny the way weak and cowardly analysts such as yourself turn on themselves.
                  As you are about to see with UK Labour, eventually such slurs end up in court. 
        • greywarshark9.2.1.2
          It is foolish to not pay attention to what Ad says.    He is likely to get to solid ground in a sentence, compared to yourself Morrissey in numbers of paragraphs.
          • Morrissey9.
            It is foolish to not pay attention to what Ad says. 
            So far today he's peddled Blairite black propaganda, i.e. lies, about Jeremy Corbyn, and he's called me a McCarthyite. 
            He is likely to get to solid ground in a sentence,
            If by "solid ground" you mean abusive, demeaning and not terribly creative name-calling, then, yes, he quickly gets to "solid ground."
            compared to yourself Morrissey in numbers of paragraphs.
            ???? I work hard at writing lean, well organized pieces, whether they're short replies like this or longer essays or, on the odd occasion, play scripts. I'd put up anything from my oeuvre against his complacent and self-satisfied little rants.
            Click to Edit – 2 minutes and 51 seconds
      • Failing that, you could stop the slurs and listen to the evidence they have to say about anti-semitism within the Labour Party instead of attacking the messengers.
        Will there be some evidence at some point?  So far it all seems to be a very successful anti-Corbyn propaganda campaign with nothing to back it up.  
        • Ad9.2.2.1
          The joy of this is that there are now two legal avenues in which the evidence against the Labour Party handling of anti-semitism will play out as evidence. 
          BBC's programme has alerted everyone to what is to come. 
          Labour has gone on the attack rather than front it, so now it will all play out in the courts, and get further amplified in the media. 
          That's where the likes of Morrisey will find the evidence, rather than attacking the BBC. 
          • Psycho Milt9.
            This is a propaganda campaign against Corbyn that's been going on for a year already, and we might finally see some evidence to back it up at some point in the future?  I'll believe it when I see it.  My money is on both the EHRC investigation and any libel case being entirely about how Labour handled allegations of anti-semitism, with pretty much no evidence of anti-semitism actually presented.
  2. Anne10
    For anyone interested in the ongoing crisis re- the baiting of Iran by the Trump regime and the effects on Britain and ultimately the rest of us… the following link is a must read:
    The final sentence sums up the situation well:
    Trump’s America is an ugly, dangerous creation from which old certainties recoil. The US alliance can no longer be relied upon. The Darroch affair is a timely warning to step back and take stock. And it’s no good saying Trump will soon be gone. The way the divided Democrats are behaving, he could still be calling the shots in 2025.
    This "death star" presidency is no ally for NZ either, and our government should accordingly base their decisions relating to this regime on reality and not the past!
    • Morrissey10.1
      Trump didn't start the baiting of Iran. It started in 1953, when the U.S. and its U.K. vassal conspired to smash Iranian democracy.
      Trump's instability and unpredictability, and especially the presence of John Bolton, only make things more dangerous, but the policies, and these utterly unjust "sanctions", were not dreamed up by him or his crazy inner cabal.
      • Anne10.1.1
        Agree. Trump didn't start it. Successive US governments have been using the baiting technique and yes… other nations have followed suit.  However Trump and Co. are taking it to a whole new level which has the potential to destroy our very existence and he can only be stopped if western governments stop cow-towing to the maniacal regime and conspire to be rid of this regime.
    • greywarshark10.2
      The 'death star' presidency – a great appellation.   The warnings are there for any sane politicians to see also the jerks pulling the strings on we puppets, passing their jerks on to us.
  3. The Chairman11
    The National Addiction Centre say the Government's lack of action over alcohol regulation, following recommendations made in a recent mental health inquiry, suggests outside influences are involved.
    Health Minister Dr David Clark said he wouldn't dignify such suggestions with a response.

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