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Freedland uncritically interviewed by Kim Hill (Apr. 27, 2019)

  1. Morrissey3
    Kim Hill was an uncritical and empty-headed                                       sounding-board for another liar this morning
    RNZ National, Saturday 27 April 2019, 8:10 a.m.
    As Kim Hill showed several years ago when she did not dare to contradict a word uttered by another smooth and vicious liar, Alex Gibney, [1] she doesn't have the spine to confront these brutal hatchet men.
    8.09 Jonathan Freedland aka Sam Bourne – America on a knife-edge 
    Sam Bourne is the pseudonym of Jonathan Freedland, an award-winning journalist and broadcaster. He has written a weekly column for the Guardian since 1997, having previously served as the paper's Washington correspondent. He has won awards for his columns and his first novel, The Righteous Men, was a Number 1 bestseller. His next two novels, The Last Testament and The Final Reckoning were both top ten bestsellers. His latest book written as Sam Borne is To Kill The Truth, which examines a world 'without truth' – and who stands to gain. 
    This was as horrific as you might imagine. At the end, Freedland mounted a sustained smear attack against Jeremy Corbyn. "Corbyn just doesn't get it," he told Kim Hill, who listened to him with the same rapt silence she accorded another liar, Luke Harding, last year…. 
    JONATHAN FREEDLAND: So I'm afraid Corbyn is a man of his time. He's nearly seventy years old. And like many of his age he carries a lot of prejudices. He's a classic middle class bigot….. I saw a poll just today. Now a majority of English people believe Corbyn has a problem…I'm afraid it's pretty damning. 
    KIM HILL: Oh dear….
    Disgusted and shaken, I sent Kim Hill the following email….
    You accepted every one of Jonathan Freedland's lies. Why? 
    Dear Kim,
    You accorded Jonathan Freedland a silent and unquestioning reception as he spouted the most outrageous nonsense—from "the Democrats would like to talk about other things than Russia" to "Jeremy Corbyn is a bigot." Without even slightly demurring, you let him claim, sans evidence, that "a survey finds that most British people now believe that Labour does have an antisemitism crisis." In fact, all polls show that most people do not care about the absurd smear campaign by the Blairite rump of the Labour Party. 
    Your uncritical reception of that liar was a disturbing replay of your reception of his similarly disreputable and discredited Guardian colleague, Luke Harding. 
    Yours in disappointment, 
    Morrissey Breen
    Northcote Point

      • greywarshark3.1
        Your pervasive criticism of interviewers like Kim Hill with a greater grasp of world events, tropes, memes, styles, literature and media, and human psychology than yours, is a clear example of how much just goes over your head Morrissey.   Trenchant criticism of people with greater knowledge and sophistication than yours only highlights your own lack.
        • Bearded Git3.1.1
          Except that Morrissey happens to be right.
          • aj3.1.1.1
            Hear hear.
          • greywarshark3.1.1.2
            I hate people who think they are always right!    Is there a law about that yet?   And who sit on the sidelines sniping at people going about the business of living in a thoughtful country, which looks at perceptions and teases the threads, and gazes towards the hearts of people, and sometimes find interesting absences or unusual growths where the heart should be.    There are nuances that thinking people understand.
            And they don't condemn outright people who are doing the thinking, poking and prodding to see what next our devious little minds are going to come up with, our obfuscations, and our pretensions and on. Intelligent people can gain a lot from listening to someone allowed to burble on and may reveal more of their inner mind than if they were being pumped with pre-determined questions.
            • Morrissey3.
              "Pre-determined questions"? She asked NO questions. She did not challenge anything he said. She gave him a free and interrupted forum to spew his malicious, unsupported lies against Jeremy Corbyn. 

          • Brigid3.1.1.3
            I agree. I would like to give Kim the credit of being devils advocate but this time I can't.
      • Funny you should bring this up. I was just talking to a friend of mine, currently under yet another TS ban, and who shall therefore remain nameless..but anyway, they just happened to send me a copy of a letter they had just emailed 'Our Kim'..and one that I will put up here as it pretty much sums up my own thoughts on the matter..
        Good morning Kim,

        I find it disturbing that you seem to time and time again drag on these 
        centrist liberals writers to moan and groan about Trump and the end of 
        truth, yet these these very same hacks have been for years pedaling 
        their own fake news and bias without a peep, or the slightest push back 
        from you…or for that matter anyone at RNZ.

        Where are your interviews with Glen Greenwald, Aaron Mate'or Matt 
        Taibbi? whom all remained neutral through the Russia/Trump conspiracy 
        that Freedland was pushing hard in his writings (and has now been 
        debunked) and has also been conspicuously lacking any perspective as is 
        his(and The Guardians)over the top bias against Corbyn, and that isn't 
        even touching on his blatant and well known bias toward Israel.

        Media Lens
        10 May 2017
        ‘Meltdown’: The Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland Writes Jeremy Corbyn’s 

        Counter Punch
        February 13, 2015
        Why Jonathan Freedland Isn’t Fit to be the New Editor-in-Chief of the 

        Of course, as it sadly seems to have turned out, you have become just 
        another guard dog for the Liberal status quo. So I guess that means you 
        won't see any problem with the bias that you routinely broadcast, which 
        is a real shame as I have been listening to and enjoying your shows in 
        one form or another for a long long time, and it would have be great to 
        have at least one voice (especially one as good and as sharp as yours) 
        in NZ media that embodied fairness and accuracy in reporting to at least 
        some degree.

      • Gabby3.3
        You people just Don't Get English Irony morsissey.
        • Brigid3.3.1
          Why should we? This isn't bloody England.
          • Gabby3.3.1.1
            That's bloody why bloody morsissey doesn't geddit bloody briggy.
            • Morrissey3.
              Oh I get irony, Gabby. What I don't get is how anyone can take a dishonest, crude and dullwitted creep like Jonathan Freedland with any degree of seriousness.
              “[W]hen my book, The Holocaust Industry, came out in 2000, Freedland wrote that I was ‘closer to the people who created the Holocaust than to those who suffered in it’. Although he appears to be, oh, so politically correct now, he didn’t find it inappropriate to suggest that I resembled the Nazis who gassed my family.
              We appeared on a television program together. Before the program, he approached me to shake my hand. When I refused, he reacted in stunned silence. Why wouldn’t I shake his hand? He couldn’t comprehend it. It tells you something about these dull-witted creeps. The smears, the slanders – for them, it’s all in a day’s work. Why should anyone get agitated? Later, on the program, it was pointed out that theGuardian, where he worked, had serialised The Holocaust Industry across two issues. He was asked by the presenter, if my book was the equivalent of Mein Kampf, would he resign from the paper? Of course not. Didn’t the presenter get that it’s all a game?”
              —-Norman Finkelstein
    • Ankerrawshark4
      Good on you Morrissey 

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