Sunday, 4 August 2019

Banned for Six Months from The Standard (Aug. 4, 2019)

  1. I am so happy Weka one of my favourite authors is back.  She makes me want to look at the standard more often.
    • Morrissey3.1
      [Is there something you want or have to say about an Author of this site? Spit it out in your own words instead of hiding behind old comments by others archived on your own blog site like John Key’s bottom drawer. To me, it looks like the actions of a prejudiced coward but you may have something of interest to say so here is your opportunity; don’t blow it – Incognito 😉 ]
      • Andre3.1.1
        This pathetic "look at moi" need you have to link back to your own site – is that what's known as linkwhoring?
      • Incognito3.1.2
        See my Moderation note @ 11:25 AM.
        • OnceWasTim3.1.2.1
          Do you know if RNZ's 'The Panel' hold auditions?  and What's the difference between a "prejudiced coward" and an embittered old curmudgeon? 
          Or maybe it's all an act
          • Incognito3.
            I don’t know. All I care about here is behaviour here; what people do in their ownsandpits is up to them.
          • Morrissey3.
            I believe they do, Tim. I'll recommend you to the producer if you like. You couldn't be worse than I was when I appeared on the program back in 2013…
            CHRISTINE RANKIN: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
            MORRISSEY BREEN: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Um.
            JIM MORA: Ha ha ha ha ha! It’s time to find out what our Panelists have been thinking about. Christine Rankin, what’s been on YOUR mind lately?
            CHRISTINE RANKIN: Well, Jim, look, I’ve been so busy working for the reintroduction of corporal punishment for the under-fives that I haven’t had TIME to do any thinking at all for several years now. I really can’t think of one thing to talk about.
            JIM MORA: [long, irritated silence] Mmmmm-kay. Morrissey, have YOU got something on your mind?
            MORRISSEY BREEN: Ummm, ahhhh, I’m going to abandon my, uh, carefully prepared speech about foreign policy, and comment on Christine’s failure to ummm, errr, honour her, ummmm, commitments to your show.
            CHRISTINE RANKIN: [indignant] I’ve been BUSY.
            MORRISSEY BREEN: Ummmm, ahhhh, yeah. Ummm…to paraphrase Dr. Johnson, I will say this about Christine: “This woman’s thinking is like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”
            JIM MORA: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! That’s very funny! I think he’s talking about you Christine!
            MORRISSEY BREEN: And that’s all I have to say, Jim. Um.
            JIM MORA: Short and sweet. That’s the way we like them on the Panel! Okay, next up, Lanthanide will tell us why he thinks a nuclear reactor in the middle of Christchurch would be a good idea. First, though, what do the Panelists think of this?
            RANKIN: [fervently] That’s a SPLENDID idea. At last, somebody talking some sense….
            • OnceWasTim3.
              I was half hoping I might hear you go head to head with someone like Joe Bennett sometime.
              (I like a healthy dose of cynicism with an ounce of ridicule, just as long as one can be equally cynical and questioning of themselves. Otherwise it's so holier-than-thou.  And as you will know, I'm the most perfectist specimen ever to grace the place that I could rival Sir John or Soimun. I just can't seem to find a decent interpreter at the moment).
      • Morrissey3.1.3
        Thanks for giving me the opportunity, Incognito. My relationship with our good friend and colleague weka goes back a long way. It reached a bit of a nadir a few times when she banned me, but we usually kissed and made up. 
        I thought she'd gone for good when, during another ban late last year, I penned the following for D.P. Farrar's dodgy site….
        I must say that, in spite of our rather chequered history, I'm glad to see weka back with us. 
        [I warned you not to blow it yet you lit the fuse and guess what happened?
        Just a few weeks ago (/open-mike-19-07-2019/) you were in the midst of a pile up and putting the boot into the same Author and (former) Moderator of this site. I left several Moderator warnings, which you would have seen despite they were not directed at you specifically.
        Today, again, you couldn’t help yourself and you linked to a contemptable piece of narcissistic ‘writing’ destined for KiwiBlog attacking not one but several Authors and Moderators of TS. Indeed, that is where it belongs and where it ended up, I see. Good for you.
        Yet today you claim “I’m glad to see weka back with us”!?
        I counted 11 links today from and to your bottom drawer of which you seem to be immensely proud and of the fact that share this questionable habit with infamous historical figures such as Muldoon, Joe McCarthy, and Joe Stalin. If you read this site’s policy /policy/#banning you’ll see that link-spamming is aself-martyrdom offense. But you already knew that, didn’t you?
        I’ll save the moderators here, i.e., moi, a lot of time by sending you back to KiwiBlog, where you belong IMHO.
        Banned for six months – Incognito]
    • Also chuffed to see weka writing here again!
    • weka3.3
      Thank-you TFG heart
    • Puckish Rogue3.5
      Second that 🙂
    • Stuart Munro.3.6
      Yes I'm glad to see her too – she often lifts the standard of conversation.
  2. Muttonbird4
    The extreme right wing are at it again. White supremacists get a pretty easy ride on forums like Kiwiblog, with various commenters suggesting they are just 'standing up for their culture'.
    But there is an inherent violence and hatred festering inside them, and the right wing in general, and it is this violence against ordinary innocents which manifests itself with increasing regularity…

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