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Murdering rich bastard condemned around the world. (Aug. 8, 2015)

  1. Jimmy Kimmel: “Not all English people are like this jackal.”
    Murdering rich bastard condemned around the world.
    A rich, pampered, cocaine-sniffing, prostitute-chasing playboy and recreational hunter who rejoices in the nickname “The Big H” has been condemned around the world after it was revealed he had killed Afghani peasants and boasted about it.
    Angry crowds waved signs saying “KILLER”, “ROT IN HELL”, “THE BUTCHER OF BUCKINGHAM” and “I AM AFGHANISTAN”, and shouted messages like “Extradite!” and “Shut him down!” They want the playboy to be sent back to Afghanistan to face charges.
    To resounding applause, late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel declared: “Not all English people are like this jackal.”
    • greywarshark10.1
      Referring to the dentist who killed a lion (Cecil?) made me think about how they crop up in books.
      In Catch 22 by Joseph Heller –
      The question of “Who promoted Major Major?” alludes to Joseph McCarthy’s questioning of the promotion of Major Peress, an army dentist who refused to sign loyalty oaths.
      In Kurt Vonnegut’s Mother Night –
      A white supremacist organization [whose leader, a dentist named Lionel Jones] discovers his existence [Campbell] and makes him a cause celebre, inviting him to speak to new recruits as a “true American patriot.”
      (Howard W Campbell is a playwright who became a Nazi propagandist for the USA so he could secretly broadcast coded messages aiding the Allies. He is conspired against
      by a white supremacist dentist when back in the USA, still denigrated as a Nazi sympathiser.)
      I think the dentists of the USA became annoyed at the portrayal of their profession in an unflattering way and took some legal action. But I am not sure about this, it may have just been considered.
      • Charles10.1.1
        Yes it’s almost become a cliché – the dentist who is “broken” in some way that emerges as brutality or “deviancy”. Even the latest “The Hangover” films had the dentist as both domestically and socially “suspect” – you know, compared to mainstream Hollywood gender roles.
        This Big_H bloke could be a Francis Macomber type on the inside: using and running from women, killing only from positions of superiority, a real coward despite his alleged military “derring-do”. I hope he didn’t track or shoot the Lion from a vehicle… Ernest would not be pleased. Wastrels, he called them. Unlike Fitzgerald, he didn’t much like the rich, at all. A good woman could sort Big_H out, if he had the guts to stick with her, and if none available, a Margot character would solve the problem, too.
    • greywarshark10.2
      I am surprised that you are targeting Prince Harry. Why? Many of your links seem anti-royalist. He has enough snappers and slappers stalking him. I think that he deserves not to have stories scraped up as an excuse to build a phantom story.
      • Blue Horseshoe10.2.1
        On what basis does he ‘deserve’ it ?
        The royals are fair game, as are the Key’s offspring
  2. georgecom11
    National Party standard approach to a controversy.
    1. deny anything is wrong
    2. blame the last Labour Government
    3. blame anyone else
    4. never accept responsibility
    • BLiP11.1
      National Party standard approach to a controversy.
      1. Fire up John Key’s Dirty Politics Machine
      2. Start lying.
      3. Lie about lying and then immediately attack, never defend, never explain
      4. blame the last Labour government
      5. Try a sleaze distraction
      6. Blame the public service
      7. Never ever admit liability
      8. Blame an opposition MP personally
      9. Keep lying
      10. Scramble like crazy behind the scenes to come up with some good news.
      11. Rinse and repeat.

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